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Breathing With Orisha

Broadcast on January 13, 2023
With Baba Oludare
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

"Fill yourself with things that continue to give you life and continue to help you share life." Baba Oludare discusses breathwork through culturally restorative, Afro-ancestral respiratory rituals. He also shares some history about the African culture and the journey that led him to do this very important work today.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Respiratory activism and resparations
  • Breathing with Orisha
  • Breathwork in the African diaspora
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Baba Oludare

Founder of Kiire Wellness & Author of Breathing With Orisha

Baba OluDaré​ is a Balogun (priest of Ogun), Aponni (music healing ceremonial leader), Omo Anya (sacred healing drummer), dancer and author of Breathing With Orisha. He is a #RespiratoryActivist and believes in #RESPARATIONS — a spinoff of reparations that includes the freedom and time for African descendants to practice intentional healing through the breath, song, and movements of their own ancestral lineages. Through Kìire Wellness, Baba brings this message to the world in a tangible, online, family-friendly format. He teaches private and public chair breathing, dance, song, and music workshops that help to culturally restore African descendants while strengthening their physical and spiritual health. His work is dedicated to promoting wellness in African descendant communities — and it all starts with the breath.

Baba Oludare