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Finding Peace in Prison

Broadcast on January 09, 2023
With Delroy Platt
Hosted by Steph Magenta

Prison life taught Delroy Platt that the greatest prisons are often the ones inside us. He shares his own story of moving from incarceration to liberation by combining the intelligence of the breath with a 12-step program.  

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Many people are unaware of how much they can actually accomplish by setting an intention 
  • Darkness can end up being very informative
  • Everything you have ever needed can be found within
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Delroy Platt

Founder of Bad Boy Breathwork

Delroy Platt came from a dysfunctional loving family. His father was an alcoholic and suffered from mental health. His father did his best with his level of consciousness as did his mother and from a young age, he had an abnormal reaction to drinks or drugs. Delroy had an obsession with the mind which meant that he constantly thought about using substances to the point that it consumed his whole life. Unemployment, prison, homelessness, and ill health followed. He was angry, convinced that the world was to blame, especially his dad, and lived with a premonition that he would die aged 40, which ended up being true as that was when the old me died and Delroy was reborn.

You could say prison saved Delroy. He went through a drug treatment program, and was introduced to a 12-step fellowship that helped him become connected to a “power greater than himself." He found happiness freed from his emotional prison and went on to become a substance misuse worker, motivational speaker, and now a breathwork facilitator. You could say that his greatest nightmare became his greatest gift.

His aim is to take the power of the breath into prisons. At present most of his clients are in recovery themselves. It has helped bring people together, and unlock their inner intelligence, and word has spread with no website. "What a gift!" as he says to his breathers, "this magical spiritual tool has been right under our noses the whole time."  

Delroy Platt