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Breathe In Harmony

Broadcast on January 12, 2023
With Tom Granger
Hosted by Steph Magenta

Tom Granger shares some of the adventures he's had researching his new book on slow, rhythmic breathing rates. He will guide you in an experiential and musical process so you can feel the benefits of pacing with music.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The world's oldest and most subtle breathwork technique with a simple modern hack
  • Stories of the mind-blowing science from the front lines of breathwork research
  • How to access the world's largest library of breath-pacing music
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Tom Granger

Award-winning breathwork author, founder of Aria Breath – The Musical Meditation

Tom Granger is on a mission to create engaging experiences and novel learning tools that demystify ancient, life-changing breathing techniques. He believes knowledge-sharing should be joyful, community-driven, and evidence-based. 

Tom’s unique, bestselling book “Draw Breath; The Art of Breathing” has been translated into 8 languages around the world and won multiple literary awards for innovation and anxiety relief. It has come recommended by the world’s leading authors and scientific researchers in breathing, yoga, and meditation. Tom also runs the popular YouTube channel “Draw Breath” where he interviews the world’s leading minds in breathing and meditation. Guests have included Nobel Prize-winning scientists and Olympic Gold Medallists, to weird, wacky, and wild but ever-pioneering embodiment gurus. If they have something interesting to say about breathing, Tom will listen.

Tom’s latest project “Aria Breath” is a huge and growing library of beautiful music created by a collaboration of artists from around the world and specially designed for pacing the breath at different speeds known to have incredible benefits. Perfect for individual use but also ideal for breathwork professionals to use in their classes or one-on-one with clients.

His enriching services as a keynote speaker, teacher, and creative consultant have been employed and endorsed by some of the world’s best-known blue-chip, B2B organizations and household names in retail, including Unilever, Kantar Group, and Lululemon to name just a few. Tom lives in Manchester, England but loves to travel. 

Tom Granger