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Right Relationships in Breathwork: Ethical Challenges in a Growing Field

Broadcast on January 12, 2023
With Jim Morningstar, PhD
Hosted by Steph Magenta

As the validity and popularity of breathwork grows worldwide, questions arise as to who is qualified to offer breathwork professionally, and just how is ethical practice monitored in this burgeoning and diverse field. As co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance since 2001, Jim Morningstar, PhD, has been intimately involved in this dialogue and its evolution to the present date. This session will examine the nature of a professional contract, major challenges that arise, and alternative solutions.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Ethics involves right relationships guided by agreed-upon principles, not a rulebook
  • We all have an internal moral compass and are responsible for maintaining it
  • We're now at a critical crossroads in determining the future of the professional field of breathwork 
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Jim Morningstar, PhD

Psychologist, Author & Co-Director of Global Professional Breathwork Alliance

The Director of Transformations Incorporated, Jim Morningstar, PhD, is co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, setting standards for training and ethics in professional breathwork. He has held licensure as a clinical psychologist since 1973 and was certified by the American Board of Professional Psychologists in 1978. He was a clinical supervisor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and directed a community mental health center.

Jim’s diverse background includes being a Native American pipe holder, Enlightenment Intensive Master, a Tai Chi practitioner since 1970, and an avid nature enthusisast. He founded the School of Integrative Psychology in 1980 and the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990. He has pioneered the integration of psychotherapy with such mind-body techniques as Therapeutic BreathworkTM and bio-spiritual energetics and has authored five books in the field of transformational psychology and breathwork.

Jim Morningstar, PhD