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Reconnecting to All That We Are

Broadcast on January 13, 2023
With Alan Dolan
Hosted by Steph Magenta

Alan Dolan discusses how our breath can be a vehicle for accessing all aspects of our body and being, reconnecting us to our true identity, and allowing us to be fully resourced and able to navigate these challenging times.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why we need to reconnect, and with what 
  • Clarification about our true identity — what we are and what we are not
  • A grounding and embodiment visualization
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Alan Dolan

Founder of

Alan Dolan, the founder of Breathguru® and Breath Coach, has spent 20 years changing people’s lives (not least his own) with the simple power of breathing. After graduating from Aston University in the UK he worked overseas in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East — forging a career in the high-pressure world of communications. His last position in his “previous incarnation” was as a PR manager in the Aerospace industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After taking a sabbatical in order to pursue his interest in things metaphysical and gaining certification in Yoga instruction, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Counselling, Alan was introduced to the wonders of Breathwork and immediately knew that this would form the foundation of the next stage of his journey. Alan has studied with some of the primary teachers in the world of breath and has hybridised his own unique style of Conscious Connected Breathing.

A series of happy coincidences led Alan to the island of Lanzarote one of the seven Canary Islands at which point he realised that he was "home". Breathguru® Retreats and were born, with Alan’s key message being that YOU are the guru and your Breath is the key. Alan has gone on to gain a wealth of experience in working with the Breath and continues to be based in Lanzarote or as he prefers to call it, "The Magic Island".

Alan now hosts year-round retreats and Breath Coach Training programmes at this retreat centre in Lanzarote. His passion is creating permanent, positive change with his clients and he created the retreat with the idea of providing the optimum environment in which to experience the work. Alan´s primary intention is to reach as many people as possible with the awe-inspiring power of Breathwork.

Alan Dolan