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Accessing Ancestral Wisdom Through the Breath

Broadcast on January 13, 2023
With Caroline Stewart
Hosted by Niraj Naik

Caroline Stewart reveals that breath has the power to connect and unify all aspects of our living history — past, present, and future. Through the breath, we tune into the ancestral wisdom available to us, recognizing our own sacred responsibility to tend to the work of our times, leaving a life-sustaining legacy for the our future descendents.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Breathwork has the power to tend to our collective and personal ancestral wounds — to restore a sense of belonging and purpose
  • In order to restore our collective and personal sense of belonging we must remember and feel that the breath offers this embodiment
  • A 10-15 minute ancestral wisdom activation breath practice 
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Caroline Stewart

Soul Activist + Guide of Nourishing Practices
Dream chaser, adventure seeker, teacher, student, and lover of the quiet, Caroline Stewart is all about sitting with it, writing about it, and practicing before she preaches. Caroline cultivates sacred spaces of deep nourishment and belonging. She offers Meditation and Breathwork Trainings and shares inspiration through the Inspiration Network podcast, Insight Timer, soulful workshops, and Retreats.  
Caroline Stewart