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Belly, Heart, and Spirit

Broadcast on January 11, 2023
With Julian DeVoe
Hosted by Niraj Naik

This session is focused on the biomechanics of breathing and how it can help nourish the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Join Julian DeVoe as he discusses how diaphragmatic breathing gives us access to our multidimensional self, and how we can use the breath to ground and elevate.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The biomechanics for deep and full breathing
  • Connecting with your breath can help you activate your higher self
  • A 10-15 minute breathwork/meditation experience to connect with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Julian DeVoe

Wellness Educator

Quick with a smile, a boisterous laugh and a light heart, Julian DeVoe is devoted to regenerative living, planetary well-being, and joyful evolution. By way of elemental movement, the shamanic arts and creative activism he encourages personal inquiry and empowerment, empathetic relating and living in harmony with nature. He currently works as a program director at Reunion Healing Center in Costa Rica and teaches internationally, specializing in movement efficiency, physical purification practices, mindfulness techniques, and spiritual groundedness. He is the author of Robust Vitality and a book of verse, Insights Out.

Julian DeVoe