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Birth to Rebirth — A Sacred Ceremony

Broadcast on January 09, 2023
With Kerry Veitch & Lynn Veitch
Hosted by Steph Magenta

We are always in the process of birthing something. Kerry Veitch and Lynn Veitch share that if we trust and listen to ourselves, we can connect with that part of us that wants to break through the limiting stories and belief systems we have created in our experiences. One way we can do this is by honoring the birthing energy as a sacred process, knowing that it will guide us perfectly to rebirth and new awareness. The power of the breath, a safe space, and tuning into the divine feminine energy allows for that transformation.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • An experiential meditation on the sacredness within
  • How to honor the birthing energy as a sacred ceremony
  • The current discussion about rebirthing the feminine
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Kerry Veitch

Founder of The Sacred Breath, Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner & Trainer

Miss Kerry Veitch has been connected with Rebirthing and conscious connected breathing since 1993, with a focus now on embodiment practices such as Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlin's Focusing. Kerry has a trauma-informed approach and is a trainer with two breathwork schools, AIR School of Breathwork and Alchemy of Breath. She loves sharing the healing power of the breath with others, by holding warm water rebirthing retreats, weekly groups, and 1:1 sessions.

Kerry also co-founded and is the festival director of the UK's first Breathwork Festival which is an annual event celebrating all kinds of breathwork. Kerry’s very grounded nature holds a very safe space for breather(s), holding them in their highest potential and being committed to the unfolding of each person’s own journey which of course is guided perfectly by our breath.

Lynn Veitch

Founder of Focused Breath, Breathwork, Energy Practitioner,Coach, Mentor.

Lynn Veitch has been a Rebirthing breathwork and energy practitioner for four decades which began with a series of sessions in Breath Release. Her experiences were profound and life-altering. She went from “thinking” she was feeling to experiencing feeling on a deeper emotional somatic and spiritual level. She  discovered Rebirthing and trained with many great pioneers in the breathwork field. Lynn hosted many of these teachers and brought their work to her area.

An early 80s experience at a dolphin rebirthing retreat led her to understand that this was her life path. She set up her private practice, facilitating groups and classes bringing her own unique style of creativity to each one. She has integrated her training in the embodiment practices of Bioenergetics, Visionary craniosacral work, and TFT tapping into her work. As a trained "doula" she has had the honor of assisting at many home and hospital births.  In this capacity she supported young mothers spiritually and emotionally through the pre/post-birth months, assisting them to resolve birth issues that are otherwise passed on.  Lynn attended shamanic healing circles where she received blessings from the Kogi Mamos of Colombia for rebirthing/breathwork which they conveyed is essential to the future of humanity and the planet.

Lynn is deeply connected to her spiritual path recognizing that prana, the vital life force, is the power behind the breath and guides us when we listen. Her passion is holding a sacred space for the  inner journey of Self-discovery.

Kerry Veitch & Lynn Veitch