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Essential Hypertension: A 20 Year Quest to End This Pandemic

Broadcast on January 12, 2023
With Stephen Elliott
Hosted by Niraj Naik

Close to 60% of the global adult population exhibits and suffers from essential hypertension and/or elevated arterial pressure with no known etiology (US NIH). According to Stephen Elliott, essential hypertension is a symptom of sub-optimal breathing. It harms health, shortens life, and costs the world billions of dollars per year in related medical consequences. However, something profound has occurred in just the past few years that now offers verifiable etiology that sub-optimal breathing is in fact the root cause of essential hypertension.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Essential hypertension is a symptom of sub-optimal breathing and circulation, which harms both physical and mental health
  • Finding and exposing the root cause of essential hypertension has been a critical focus of Stephen's work for 20 years
  • COHERENCE Valsalva Wave Pro was the first blood pressure measurement instrument to verify this physiological symptom
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Stephen Elliott

President & Life Scientist, COHERENCE LLC and originator, Coherent Breathing

Stephen Elliott is an author, engineer, inventor, and life scientist. He holds 19 U.S. patents issued in the fields of biofeedback, breathing, electronics, mechanics, and telecommunications. Stephen is credited with the development and articulation of the Coherent Breathing® method (2005), and also with the plethysmographic detection and biofeedback of The Valsalva Wave phenomenon (2009). His research ultimately lead to a breakthrough in the holistic understanding of the physiology of breathing (that gravity and verticality require us to use the diaphragm in order to facilitate circulation, specifically to the brain, but more generally to each and every one of the 100 trillion cells in the body).

Stephen's books include The New Science Of Breath, Coherent Breathing, The Definitive Method, Wuji Qi Gong & The Secret Of Immortality, and Personal Resonance Protocol. His discography includes RESPIRE-1The Six Bridges, and SLOW DOWN!. Stephen has also written and published several periodicals, including, Coherent BreathingSwan & Stone, and the online magazine COHERENCE.

Stephen, with partners J&J Engineering, developed Valsalva Wave Pro, the patented biofeedback instrument that monitors both heart rate and blood flow simultaneously. Only by monitoring both heart rate and blood activity concurrently are we able to understand personal resonant frequency, known as individual cardio-pulmonary-circulatory resonance.

Stephen Elliott