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How to Become a Healing Resource for Ourselves and Others in This Time of Crisis

Broadcast on February 10, 2022
With Dr. Rae Riedel & Steph Magenta
Hosted by Dan Brulé

Join Steph Magenta and Dr. Rae Riedel, founders of Integrative Breath, for a discussion on how you can use breathwork and nervous system regulation practices to self-resource and support others during times of challenge and stress. The far-reaching benefits of this offer a healing contribution to the world.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • How to access and train your own nervous system in service to healing
  • Why breath is fundamental to this process
  • How presence is our superpower
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Dr. Rae Riedel

Co-Founder of Integrative Breath

Dr. Rae Riedel has 30+ years natural medicine experience, with an emphasis on nature-based wisdom. She's a doctor of chiropractic and functional medicine, and holds a master's degree in spiritual psychology. Her work focuses on the unity of body and mind, psyche and soma. Her advanced training includes hakomi (mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy) and she is also a certifed NARM-informed professional. Rae has studied with Thomas Hübl for the past 10 years, assisting him with his U.S. based programs, including Timeless Wisdom Training.

She is a co-founder, instructor, and facilitator at Integrative Breath, certifying others worldwide in an integrative approach to conscious breathwork. In individual sessions and in groups, Rae's focus is on building awareness of (and modifying the responses to) the trauma held in our bodies so we can open to the natural expression of feeling, connection, and essence – the hallmarks of an authentic and healthy life! Rae is deeply committed to her own continued learning and unfolding in the rich field of embodiment work.

Steph Magenta

Co-Founder of Integrative Breath

Steph Magenta is a breathwork facilitator and teacher and the co-founder of Integrative Breath Facilitator Training School. Steph places great importance on the integration aspect of any somatic practices which have the potential to elicit significant change or breakthrough awareness for the person experiencing the work.

Steph is a licensed bodywork therapist and shamanic practitioner with a background in substance misuse and addiction research. She also holds over three decades of work in detox, healing, and somatic practice which informs her grounded, heart-centered, and trauma-aware approach to the practice of breathwork. 

On a personal level, Steph has worked extensively with plant medicines, embodiment therapies, and talk therapies to change her life. Having transformed her own suffering into her superpowers, she is now happy to take her (initially reluctant) place as a wise elder in her communities. She is an advocate of cold exposure, clean eating/detox protocols, core strength training, and nervous system regulation as a route to ongoing health and wellness.

Dr. Rae Riedel & Steph Magenta