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BLISSPOINT™ - You Are the Source: How to Access Your True Potential as a Creator

Broadcast on February 08, 2022
With Lisa de Narvaez
Hosted by Steph Magenta

In a world that invites us to reach outside of ourselves to find love, fulfillment, peace, and happiness, Lisa de Narvaez is committed to inviting people to know themselves as the source of their lives. She shares specific breath practices to shift your state in ways that give you access to choice, presence, and your ability to be a YES to what is. You will remember how to choose peace no matter what, and how to navigate these times of great change with deeper resiliency, grace, and ease.

In this session you'll discover:

  • You don't need anything outside yourself to shift your state by using the breath 
  • Your ability to navigate your emotions to consistently choose peace, love, and presence 
  • The difference between creating from consciousness of abundance vs. scarcity
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Lisa de Narvaez

Founder of BLISSPOINT™, Consciousness Teacher, Coach and Breathworker

Lisa de Narvaez is a consciousness teacher, coach and breathworker, committed to the evolution of humanity. Over the past 20+ years, she has facilitated the awakening and transformation of the lives of thousands of humans across the world from all walks of life. Her experiential style, combining decades of global travel driven by continued studies, a love of humanity, and a deepening of her own personal embodiment of evolutionary systems, have manifested into the creation of BLISSPOINT™ Spiritual Technologies. 

Her trailblazing methodologies have made her a crowd favorite among prestigious organizations such as The Global Wellness Summit, WWD, Google, YPO, Design Hotels, Summit Series, Habitas, Soho House, Founders Pledge, GP Bullhound, Mindvalley, Well+Good and Bloomberg, amongst other emerging communities and private clients and leaders around the world. 

Lisa de Narvaez