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A World of Unity, Equity, Empowerment, and Love for ALL: Breathwork for the Ending of Othering

Broadcast on February 09, 2022
With Angel Acosta, PhD & Baba Oludare & Chauna Bryant & Jennifer Patterson
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Though we all breathe, and breathing is the great unifying feature of humanity, countless people do not feel safe to breathe fully due to race, gender, sexual orientation, and myriad marginalizing forms of “othering.” How can the unifying nature of breath serve healing to these splits? How can the breathwork field optimize the healing and awakening power of breathing to serve all people? Join us for an unplugged vulnerable and courageous conversation, where we respond to the longing for a world in which everyone can breathe deeply and be fully self-expressed.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Personal and professional experiences of breathwork in healing racial, gender, and sexual identity trauma 
  • Ways to create breathwork spaces and communities that are welcoming, supportive, safe, and inclusive for all
  • How Breathwork in Africa and Breathing with Orisha can help African descendants create wellness role models 
The opinions expressed here are those of the author/presenter and are not representative of Shift Network employees, customers, or other presenters.
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Angel Acosta, PhD

Creative Director at NYC Healing Collective

Dr. Angel Acosta recently completed his doctorate degree at Teachers College, Columbia University. For the past decade, he has worked to bridge the fields of leadership, college access, social justice, and mindfulness. After participating in the Mind and Life Institute’s Academy for Contemplative Leadership, he began consulting and developing learning experiences that weave leadership development, conversations about inequality, and healing to support educational leaders through contemplative and restorative practices.

As a former trustee for the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, he participated as a speaker at the Asia Pacific Forum on Holistic Education in Kyoto, Japan. Angel continues to consult for organizations like the NYC Department of Education, UNICEF, Columbia University, and others. His dissertation explored healing-centered education as a promising framework for educational leadership development, and for addressing entrenched racial inequality in the U.S.

Baba Oludare

Founder of Kiire Wellness & Author of Breathing With Orisha

Baba OluDaré​ is a Balogun (priest of Ogun), Aponni (music healing ceremonial leader), Omo Anya (sacred healing drummer), dancer and author of Breathing With Orisha. He is a #RespiratoryActivist and believes in #RESPARATIONS — a spinoff of reparations that includes the freedom and time for African descendants to practice intentional healing through the breath, song, and movements of their own ancestral lineages. Through Kìire Wellness, Baba brings this message to the world in a tangible, online, family-friendly format. He teaches private and public chair breathing, dance, song, and music workshops that help to culturally restore African descendants while strengthening their physical and spiritual health. His work is dedicated to promoting wellness in African descendant communities — and it all starts with the breath.

Chauna Bryant

Breathwork Facilitator and Founder of Breath Liberation Society

Chauna Bryant is a breathwork meditation facilitator, pilates and gyrotonic instructor, and founder of Breath Liberation Society. She is dedicated to body and mind rejuvenation. With 15 years of experience, Chauna assists her clients in the cultivation of mind, body, and breath alignment. She revolutionizes her multiple practices by integrating her expertise into enriching client-specific experiences. With her methods, dedicated pilates clients will cultivate stronger, leaner bodies while benefiting from breath-activating energy work. Participants in her private, group, and corporate breathwork meditation sessions benefit from her multifaceted experience and singular approach. You can catch her guided breathwork meditations on YouTube, InsightTimer, and InstagramTV.

Jennifer Patterson

Author of The Power of Breathwork, Breathwork Facilitator

Jennifer Patterson is a grief worker who uses plants, breath, and words to explore survivorhood, the body, and healing. A queer and trans-affirming and centering, trauma-experienced herbalist and breathwork facilitator, Jennifer offers sliding scale care as a practitioner through her private practice Corpus Ritual, and is a member of The Breathe Network. She has facilitated workshops at healing centers, LGBTQ centers, a needle exchange and harm reduction clinic, online with the Transformative Language Arts Network, at sexual violence resource centers, colleges and universities, veterans hospitals, for the collective What Would an HIV Doula Do? and at a Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish healing center. She is also a teacher in training programs with The Breathe Network and Breath Liberation Society. She authored The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing. Editor of the anthology Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices From Within the Anti-Violence Movement, Jennifer speaks across the U.S. She earned a master's degree from Goddard College. Jennifer is finishing a book project focused on translating embodied traumatic experience through somatic practices.

Angel Acosta, PhD & Baba Oludare & Chauna Bryant & Jennifer Patterson