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Breath of Bliss for Ascension: Explore Air as Plant Medicine to Realize Your Sovereign Divinity

Broadcast on February 09, 2022
With Christabel Zamor, MA
Hosted by Steph Magenta

Creating mystical experiences of Oneness, Unity and Bliss is an artform. In this talk with Christabel Zamor, explore air as plant medicine that can soften the mind, open your heart and invite a radical expansion of consciousness.

In this session:

  • Discover how ceremonial facilitation, itself, is a path of endless spiritual growth and personal transformation
  • Hear how breath ceremonies can invite life-changing divine downloads and clear guidance from Source
  • Enjoy a 15 minute guided multi-dimensional shamangelic breath journey to connect to your angels, your body and purpose
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Christabel Zamor, MA

Breath Ceremonialist & Angelic Priestess. Founder of Breath of Bliss Academy

Christabel Zamor, MA, is the founder of Breath of Bliss, a somatic mystery school for lightworkers, offering a 200 hour professional Ceremonial Facilitator Certification training spiritual guides to share breathwork as a form of plant medicine. She is the creator of Breathfest, the world’s first mobile, global breathwork festival. She has created innovative, psychedelic Breath of Bliss audio journeys, each with over 7 layers of Brain Boosting Technology, scientifically tested by Zen Brain Lab and proven to boost interhemispheric brain communication and wellbeing.

Christabel has created a breathwork membership program called Bliss Society, providing support to luminaries who are called to serve on a global scale. She is a is a Multidimensional Channel and Angelic Priestess, published author, speaker, has led breathwork ceremonies for groups up to 500 and has trained over 1000 facilitators throughout her life.

Christabel is a Certified Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute, has Hendricks Institute Conscious Loving and Living training. She holds two master's degrees: one in Depth Psychology and Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a second in Anthropology from University of California. She is also a Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador of the HeartMath Institute.

Christabel is published by Workman and is also a Mind Valley Academy author. She has been featured in Time, O Magazine, Live with Dr. Oz, and hundreds of other media outlets.

Christabel Zamor, MA