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Breath as a Bridge Into Ancient Cosmology

Broadcast on February 11, 2022
With Angell Deer
Hosted by Lisa de Narvaez

Angell Deer describes how the breath is a portal to access the ancient teachings of Andean cosmology. The altar of this tradition brings the four directions and four elements into the perfect order that is explored during breathwork. Weave ancient wisdom as you breathe, and discover hidden messages, plus the potential to awaken your life.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The Andean cosmology altar and prayers
  • How to use the breath as a portal into the mystery of self and the Universe
  • Why shamanism and breathwork naturally weave together
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Angell Deer

Founder of The Sanctuary, Shamanic Healing Center

After a career that scaled the heights of corporate success as a CEO of global companies, Angell Deer decided to completely change his life, making a commitment to helping others in their search for peace, harmony, and happiness. During the past 10 years, encompassing transformative journeys across Asia and South America, Angell had rare opportunities to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths. He is trained in shamanism, plant medicine, shamanic Reiki, medical Reiki, Sufi healing, sound healing, shamanic breathwork, meditation, and Norse shamanism. In 2015, Angell opened The Sanctuary Shamanic Healing Center (now a branch of Oklevueha Native American Church) on his property in the Catskills. There he does in-depth work with his clients, hosts workshops, runs retreats, and cultivates the land for organic vegetable farming, plant medicine, and keeping honey bees.​

Angell Deer