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Prana Breathwork

Broadcast on February 10, 2022
With Priyanka Moonbeam
Hosted by Steph Magenta

What is prana breathwork? Of all the breathing techniques, Priyanka Moonbeam describes why this technique in particular, with its five aspects, is so important to use in these times. Find out what makes this practice so special, and how it accesses a deep, spiritual level within your being. 

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Five different ways to access energy
  • How this practice applies itself to day-to-day reality, by accessing the five layers that make up "YOU" 
  • How prana breathwork changes your rhythm, volume, and capacity of breathing
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Priyanka Moonbeam

Yoga Teacher & Tantric Guide (Sri Vidya)

Priyanka Moonbeam shares a breathwork practice called prana breathwork, that shines a light on the radiance of the self. She knows from her own 20 year journey as a student and practitioner, the challenges most people face in sustaining a regular spiritual practice. Cultivating a daily practice, ironically, is the place where one gets the most transformational benefit. Over the years, Priyanka has gathered a basket of effective tools tied to ancient philosophies.

She followed her calling to explore life through the spiritual lense, becoming deeply influenced by her first-hand experience living and embodying yogic philosophies at ashrams in India, her 1000 km journey by foot on the Camino de Compostella, and her six-year journey to motherhood. These experiences were hugely inspirational, and transformational, helping her to embrace life in a simpler way.

As a lifelong learner, personal growth continues to be a big part of Priyanka's journey. She embraces adventure, so she has moments when everything is flowing, and moments when she feels stuck. She uses breath as the tool to bring freedom in her perspectives, lightness to her being, and a connection to her place in the world. 


Priyanka Moonbeam